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We are committed to delivering a service that is tailored to the needs of the specific clients and developments, as we understand that no two developments are the same. Unlike a lot of strata managers that manage more developments than they are capable of managing and thereby not necessarily giving each development the time and consideration necessary, our approach is to have a portfolio that we can manage and manage well. By adopting this model we are able to give the necessary time and attention to each development.

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Johnstone Hocking Strata Management was founded to address what we consider to be a lack of qualified, knowledgeable and proactive strata managers.

From our personal experiences in dealing with strata managers, we understand that a professional, yet still personal, service is required in order to effectively manage the diverse requirements and interests of each individual strata development.

Our senior staff have legal backgrounds and own strata titled properties. This provides us with a unique perspective into both the legal framework of strata management and the often more complex issues that arise as a result of the way in which strata titled properties are required to be managed.

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