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A top Strata Management agency in Perth and Peel region

Johnstone Hocking Strata Management was founded to address what we consider to be a lack of qualified, knowledgeable and proactive strata managers.

Professional, personal and unique

From our personal experiences in dealing with strata managers, we understand that a professional, yet still personal, service is required in order to effectively manage the diverse requirements and interests of each individual strata development.

Experts at your service

Our senior staff have legal backgrounds and own strata titled properties. This provides us with a unique perspective into both the legal framework of strata management and the often more complex issues that arise as a result of the way in which strata titled properties are required to be managed.

loyalty as a core value

We are committed to delivering a service that is tailored to the needs of the specific clients and developments, as we understand that no two developments are the same. our approach is to have a portfolio that we can manage and manage well


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

Johnstone Hocking Strata Management provides consistent and quality strata management services to residential and commercial strata developments in Perth simple and stress free.


A Creative and Innovative Agency

Johnstone Hocking Strata Management has developed custom software to manage strata developments, meaning that our strata managers have control over our systems and access to documents anywhere and anytime.


Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

Johnstone Hocking Strata Management properly engages with owners right from this start to ensure that our dedicated strata managers not only manage the development, but also the relationship with the owners.


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

Our strata managers in Perth have extensive experience in dealing with the day to day issues in both residential developments and commercial developments, as well as a thorough understanding the strata title legislation.


We provide services tailored to the specific needs of each development.


Strata management services in Perth simple and stress free.


Contact Johnstone Hocking Strata Management today and start making strata simple.